Where do you see yourself in five to ten years' time?

Maybe you’ll choose a degree that could secure your financial future. Perhaps your family will suggest a certain direction. Or maybe you will follow your heart and explore a field that has always fascinated you.

But what if you could look five to ten years into your future and see where a particular degree from the University of Tasmania might take you?

The University of Tasmania and LinkedIn have teamed up so you can look into the future – knowing where you could be 5-10 years after graduating makes deciding what to study next just that little bit easier.

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Value of logging in via LinkedIn

By entering your data into LinkedIn, we are able to provide information that is customised especially for you – because you are unique and so is your future. Based on your location, current level of education and area you're interested in studying, LinkedIn will search out connections who studied at the University of Tasmania. They can help you find out more about what your future might hold and give you independent, unbiased advice on how their study has helped them get to where they are today.


By signing up with Linkedin you will receive information about relevant LinkedIn connections, information about your course of interest, as well as regular updates from the University of Tasmania. Any information you provide will be treated in accordance with University of Tasmania's privacy statement.